Adulterous Eyes

An Original Work / April 30, 2022 Adulterous eyes are no surprise, The eyes of those who’re hypnotized By lusts of flesh and pride of life, Without concern for hurting wives. The lusts of eyes lead one to strife Against the God who gave them life, Lead some to sin habitually, So they not live … Continue reading Adulterous Eyes

Love Forlorn

An Original Work / August 1, 2018 The numbers of people in this world of ours who are suffering because of spousal unfaithfulness and abuse are astounding. The sad reality of it all, though, is that these numbers are high even among those who call themselves Christians. Porn addiction, extramarital flirtations and affairs, and easy … Continue reading Love Forlorn

Chap 10: What is Our Hope?

I Married My Dad Chapter Ten What is Our Hope? January 19, 2018 So, what is our hope? And, on what is it based? Is it based in man? No! It can’t be, because men (and women) will fail us, because they are human. They may promise much, but not deliver. So, we must put … Continue reading Chap 10: What is Our Hope?