Remembering those who gave their livesTo share the truth, and not the lies,Who sacrificed their lives so weFrom sin and self, we would be free. They served us well, if truth be told.They spoke the truth, and they were bold.They were not liked, not by the many.They were the few, and not the plenty. They … Continue reading Remembering

They Call Them Old

They call them old.They call them sheltered.They say they’re bold.They say they’re fettered. They say they’re crazy,That they’re insane.But they’re not lazy,The truth explain. For that’s opinion,But not in truth.They’ve no dominion,They are uncouth. They make their judgments,The truth not matters.But they’re redundant,They’re empty chatter. For they’re not followingThe Word of Truth,But they are swallowingA … Continue reading They Call Them Old

God’s Holy Word

The Bible is God’s Holy Word.The saints of God it’s truly served.It’s written down, and so preservedBy those who, of the Word, they heard. The Scriptures are the words of God.To some, they find them truly odd.To others, they are works of gold,They minister to young and old. The gospel is contained within,The teachings about … Continue reading God’s Holy Word

Not According to Expectations

At the top of her lungs She cried out in exasperation. Nothing was working out According to her expectations. Life was not giving her What she thought life was all about. Life was giving to her What she had hoped that it would not. So her expectations, She learned, were not to be realized. And … Continue reading Not According to Expectations

Mishmash Squish-Squash

Mishmash, squish-squash, Dancers dancing, diners posh, People singing, playing drums, Words a plenty, others hum. Tired limbs, feet sore, Not aware of what’s in store. Rainbows ending, lies a plenty, Faith in God, they ain’t got any. True love forsake, Trust in God they will not take. Having fun, so what’s at stake? Sincerity they … Continue reading Mishmash Squish-Squash

A Friend is a Friend until

A friend is a friend until he isn’t, Until he cuts into your heart an incision, Until he murders you in mind, and in his soul, Until he leaves you brokenhearted, and not whole. A friend may be shallow and dismissive, Whose hidden desires come to the surface, For he can’t hold them back now … Continue reading A Friend is a Friend until

As Followers of Christ

As followers of Christ, We can’t live by our feelings. Must use wisdom and logic In all of our dealings. Not let others upset us And get the best of us. We must pray through each matter, And heed not their chatter. We must follow our Savior And live in His Favor, And must walk … Continue reading As Followers of Christ

Light the Candles

Light the candles, smell them burning, While the gospel, men are churning, And the hearts of men not turning From their sins. And God not learning. Religious practice is their cover. Sinful lifestyles, they’re not over. Godless idols are their lover. Righteousness is not their mover. Wickedness is what is leading, While they go on … Continue reading Light the Candles