All In God’s Hands

So life has its troubles and worries Its snowballs and storms with their flurries The change in the weather with high temps and low Makes life with its bumps not so certain free flow The colors of things always changing For life has a way rearranging What’s certain is not, rearranged on the spot, What’s … Continue reading All In God’s Hands

Tradition vs Revelation

Video Talk Soon I will be turning 73 years old, Lord willing. And I grew up attending gatherings of the church from birth on up. So I grew up believing in and practicing many traditions that were considered Christian traditions or practices and/or beliefs. And I followed most of those religiously probably most of my … Continue reading Tradition vs Revelation

When I Don’t Know What to Pray

So, when I don’t know what to pray I don’t know what to God to say He intercedes for my requests For He knows what is truly best He counsels me when I’m confused When I am hurting or misused When things in life just don’t make sense When people live lives in pretense He … Continue reading When I Don’t Know What to Pray

Life Has Its Trials

Life has its trials, sometimes they are many, And sometimes it feels as some folks not got any. We never do know, though, what others go through, For we don’t live with them, don’t know what they do. But many are those filled with heartaches galore, While so many others their pain they ignore. So … Continue reading Life Has Its Trials

Timely Measures

Timely measures are His treasures That He gives to make us better. Much is needed to make holy Those who follow Him so closely. God is sovereign over all things, Holy living to our lives brings, So He takes us through our trials, Some which come now through Belials. No escaping hardships plenty, Thinking we … Continue reading Timely Measures

With the Testing of Time

With the testing of time, Not are all on God’s side. Many counterfeits here Who of God unaware. Not like they didn’t know, But refused to Him bow, And they put on a show Which was really quite low. They pretend to be His But His word not their Biz. After flesh they do go, … Continue reading With the Testing of Time

Songs and Poems on Google Docs

From 2011 to 2020 the Lord gave me 185 songs to write. From 2018 to the present he gave me 183 poems to write, so far. The songs are mostly Scripture, in poetic form, put to music. But the poems cover a wide range of topics from the gospel, sinful addiction, the church, the last … Continue reading Songs and Poems on Google Docs