Adulterous Eyes

An Original Work / April 30, 2022 Adulterous eyes are no surprise, The eyes of those who’re hypnotized By lusts of flesh and pride of life, Without concern for hurting wives. The lusts of eyes lead one to strife Against the God who gave them life, Lead some to sin habitually, So they not live … Continue reading Adulterous Eyes

Religion vs Relationship

An Original Work / April 24, 2022 Religion is based in the teachings of man, In forms and traditions in which they now stand. Their customs, their idols, are what they now serve, And from their procedures they barely will swerve. The writings of man are the bibles they read, While God’s word, the Scriptures, … Continue reading Religion vs Relationship

Life Has Meaning

An Original Work / April 21, 2022 Testing, besting, charms and jesting, Life and love in what investing? Entertaining and complaining, What of all of this has meaning? Ferris Wheels and Carousels are Not the path to life eternal. Jokes and tales and magic spells are Not what God has called you to do. Ministers … Continue reading Life Has Meaning

Voices Heralding the Gospel

An Original Work / April 16, 2022 Bells are ringing, voices singing Heralding the gospel bringing. Jesus Christ, our risen Savior, He showed us his godly favor. Jesus gave his life up for us So that his love would now free us, Set us free from sin’s dominion, For the flesh, make no provision. We … Continue reading Voices Heralding the Gospel

False Shepherds

An Original Work / April 8, 2022 Haters hate and lives do take Faulty promises do make In and out, they’re on their path Ruined lives in aftermath March about in all their pride They take people for a ride Charmers, some of them do be Not let people to be free Winning followers to … Continue reading False Shepherds

Loneliness and Longing

An Original Work / March 30, 2022 Loneliness and longing Want to feel belonging Searching for direction Asking God a question What on earth’s my purpose? Am I just a goofus? Do I really matter? Am I torn and tattered? Am I just a nothing? Or do I have something In me that is useful? … Continue reading Loneliness and Longing


An Original Work / March 11, 2022 Marching, marching to their chorus, Enemies who now abhor us. They are out now to destroy us, For they hate our Savior, Jesus. They are all in step with others, Friends and neighbors, sisters, brothers. Bent on evil, vermin plenty, In the year now two and twenty. Their … Continue reading Perseverance

I Pray You Tell

An Original Work / February 27, 2022 Hello, hello, I pray you tell That time’s a ticking on the shelf That murders’ mysteries ring their chimes While devil’s advocates do their crimes While honeymooners swoon and swoon From night and morning, afternoon While children playing all their games Pay no attention to what’s insane While … Continue reading I Pray You Tell

Battles of the Mind

An Original Work / February 17, 2022 Our enemy, he prowls about, Attacking minds, instilling doubt. He wants us fearful, doubting God. He wants us fallen, in his squad. He whispers nothings in our ears, He wants to fill our minds with fears. He loves confusion, fears, and doubts. Division’s what he’s all about. He’s … Continue reading Battles of the Mind