Sometimes Tears Are Prayers When You Have No Words To Say.

We are all being challenged right now with similar circumstances. Beth shares a very touching story here concerning what the Lord is teaching her through this time. I hope it will encourage your hearts.

I Believe

One of my favorite sounds is the sound of birds singing. Early in the morning as the sun rises and the sound of birds singing float through the air, I smile. Usually it accompanies spring, sunshine, green grass, flowers and new hope. It also introduces the summer season filled with trips to the lake, vacations and the sound of children playing and laughing outside. That is another sound that fills my heart with joy; the sound of children playing throughout the neighborhood, parks and even my backyard.

But this spring is different.

Life is different. Not only are we secluded in our homes, but schools and playgrounds; places filled with children laughing are closed. On top of that, in my part of the world, snow is still trying to fall from the grey clouds. The air is cold and windy.

This morning I heard birds singing in the early morning…

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When Things Get Crazy

When things in this life get crazy, and they don’t make sense, and we don’t know how to put into words how we feel, God assures us that he is still in control and that he will not forget his promises to us.

Run With It

An Original Work / February 14, 2019

Do you ever feel so deeply
That words cannot express it?
Like the feeling of a symphony,
But your fingers just don’t get it?

You know the passion deep in heart,
As the tears stream from your eyes,
But words cannot quite capture it,
For the pain, not realize.

You search within for words to say,
But they can’t get to your lips.
It’s so incomprehensible,
Like watching a Sci-Fi flick.

But, Jesus told us this would come,
This mystery foretold,
That one day life would not be like
It was in days of old.

He said that strange things would occur,
Right ‘fore our very eyes.
So, when these things began to click,
We should not be surprised.

But, all the same, it’s really hard
To fully comprehend
What’s really happ’ning in our world,
And how it’s going to end.

So, trust…

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Talk Talk Talk

Many people are living in addiction to sin and yet cover it up with displays of righteousness. They talk the walk, but they don’t live it.

Run With It

An Original Work / November 3, 2019

Talk, talk, talk –
When you going to walk?
Baby in a crib –
All you do is fib.

Idle talk you give.
To Him you don’t live.
Misinterpreting Him,
So that you can sin.

You know what is true.
To Him, you know what’s due.
Don’t pretend you don’t,
Just because you won’t.

Actors in a hall,
Saying “Let’s play ball!”
To you, it’s all a game,
And so you stay the same.

Holding on to sin,
Crucifying Him
By the life you live.
Your heart, to Him, not give.

Why not drop the masks?
Answer Him who asks,
“Why forsaking Him
To live in your sin?”

Why not tell the truth?
You are so uncouth.
Lust is driving you
To do the things you do.

Why not surrender all
To Him who’s given all
To set you free from sin

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Down in The Dumps

We are not promised an easy life. Sometimes, too, we wait and we hope for things to be different, but it seems they go on forever. It is in these times that we need to remember that God has all things under his control, and we just have to trust him and keep waiting on him.

Run With It

An Original Work / January 29, 2019

Do you ever get down in the dumps?
You’ve certainly taken your lumps.
Discouragement’s settling in.
You wonder if you’ll ever win.

Time seems to not be your best friend.
You wonder if this will e’er end.
Will you ever see the light of day?
You cry, and you hope, and you pray.

But, time then goes on with no change.
You wish it would all rearrange.
You wonder, is this all you’ll see.
A miracle’s not meant to be?

Things keep going on as they were.
True change, of which you can’t be sure,
Elusive seems to you right now.
So, humbly, on your knees you bow.

You have no control of this, see? –
This working of your enemy.
For, God has permitted it now,
That one day, all would to him bow.

He prophesied these days would come.
When evil…

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Asking, Seeking, Knocking

Grace wrote: I thought I knew You
But knew another instead
Junk food for the soul
Not nutritiously fed…

but then that changed

Following Him Beside Still Waters

I thought I knew You
But knew another instead
Junk food for the soul
Not nutritiously fed


My spirit grew fat on the sugar
And my health deteriorated
On the outside I looked healthy
But inside the lies saturated


Then I was fed with Truth
Junk food tasted sweet
But I didn’t want to die –
I drank the milk and moved to meat


I felt as if I weren’t on solid ground
But were standing on sinking sand.
Like the floor was not sound
And I had no helping hand.


What is truth
And what is lies
Who is the Rock?
Oh hear my cries!


I trusted no one, feeling like
I went from a dream to awake.
Is this You or is that You?
Which is real? What is fake?


You will reveal Yourself
To those who seek
That was a promise

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Do Not Look Back

Beth said, “So, we can LEARN from our past, BUT we should not camp there. We must MOVE forward. If we choose to live in our past –we will not grow into what we were meant to become.” Amen!

I Believe

We often look back on memories of our past.

We may re-live our positive memories with fondness and perhaps long for those days. The negative experiences, on the other hand, can take a more disturbing residence in our minds. Like a loop tape, they play over in our minds to the point of wishing we could change a certain time span, as you see in sci-fi movies. Or they are buried deep into our memory bank and we throw away the key. A simple moment may have changed the direction of our lives.

As far as negative experiences in our past, I have heard it said, “Your past does not dictate your future.” In other words, whatever happened in your past that was negative should not dictate the ability to live the rest of life with hope and promise. Yet, many people use heartache from their past to excuse their…

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