Adulterous Eyes

An Original Work / April 30, 2022

Adulterous eyes are no surprise,
The eyes of those who’re hypnotized
By lusts of flesh and pride of life,
Without concern for hurting wives.

The lusts of eyes lead one to strife
Against the God who gave them life,
Lead some to sin habitually,
So they not live eternally.

Conflicted they are – good, or bad?
They make wrong choices, it’s so sad.
Determined they are, pride to rule,
Instead of smart, they act a fool.

They’re driven by the flesh, you see,
For from their sins they do not flee.
Habitual liars, that they are,
The door to sin they leave ajar.

They act like everything’s okay,
But truth be told, it’s just a play.
Their body language says it all,
That they have taken a big fall.

They’ll not admit they failed again,
For pride won’t let them. They abstain.
So stubbornly they now insist
Their innocence, the truth resist.

The cycle of habitual lies
Behind continued adult’rous eyes
Goes on and on, no end in sight,
For faithfulness has taken flight.

Lest it be told this just for men,
Reverse it then, now for women,
The man you married, faithful be,
Adultery you must now flee.

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