Were You Taught the Truth?

So, we just finished reading in Ephesians 4:11-16 about the body of Christ, and how we, the body, need to be equipped for the work of the ministry so that we can encourage one another within the body of Christ toward spiritual maturity and walks of obedience, in submission to Jesus Christ as Lord. And … Continue reading Were You Taught the Truth?

Chap 13: Drop the Masks

I Married My Dad Chapter Thirteen Drop the Masks December 18, 2017 We all experience trials in this life, at least to some extent. Some people seem to have more than their fair share of them, though, while others appear to be relatively trouble free. But, appearances can be deceiving. We don’t really know what … Continue reading Chap 13: Drop the Masks

Chap 10: What is Our Hope?

I Married My Dad Chapter Ten What is Our Hope? January 19, 2018 So, what is our hope? And, on what is it based? Is it based in man? No! It can’t be, because men (and women) will fail us, because they are human. They may promise much, but not deliver. So, we must put … Continue reading Chap 10: What is Our Hope?