Love Forlorn

An Original Work / August 1, 2018

The numbers of people in this world of ours who are suffering because of spousal unfaithfulness and abuse are astounding. The sad reality of it all, though, is that these numbers are high even among those who call themselves Christians. Porn addiction, extramarital flirtations and affairs, and easy access to private chats via social media and the like have contributed greatly to the breakdown of marriages and families.

But, this does not have to be the end of the story. Although wounded, the forgotten and the betrayed can be healed, they can forgive those who wounded them, and they can give them the opportunity to have the marriage restored and healed. This is if the unfaithful are willing to change their sinful ways and to start over, and to do right by the wounded spouse. This is called grace, and it is the kind of grace God offers us, as well.

Lost and lonely,
All forgotten,
Because you are
Treated rotten.

Love pursuing,
Now forsaken.
Wounded hearts
Right now are achin’.

Picture perfect
Not the story.
Fairy tales,
They get no glory.

Faithfulness went
Out the window,
Leaving someone
Like a widow.

Tears and heartache,
Not much laughter.
Some folks asking,
“What’s the matter?”

Not much light now
Through the window.
Looks so murky.
Strange bedfellows.

Is there hope now?
What’s the future?
Are there wounds now
That need sutured?

Walking wounded
Still love seeking,
Second chances
To them giving:

Sins forgiven,
Restart offered.
Take a minute
This to ponder.

Chance of freedom,
New beginning,
Change your patterns
If you’re willing.

Turnabout is
What is needed,
If restoring
Is what’s heeded.

Don’t miss out on
What is precious
Because lust is
All that matters.

Wake up! Grow up!
Take the offer.
Begin again.
Walk in freedom.

Love your husband.
Love your wife now.
Love God, Jesus.
Before Him bow.


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