Do You Not Know?

An Original Work / November 10, 2019

Do you not know? Have you not heard?
Our God is faithful to His every word!
He completes you, fulfills your needs,
When you trust in Him – On His Word do feed.

Believe He cares. Do not despair!
Those who trust in Him are under His care.
How will you know He loves you so?
He loves us so much, to the cross did go.

He died for you, gave up His life
To free you from sin and make you His wife.
He freed from sin, made pure within
All who trust in Him, who turn from their sin.

He strengthens you, helps you to stay
Faithful in service throughout every day.
He feels your pain, sees all your tears.
He will deliver you from all your fears.

Trust Him right now. Do not Him doubt.
Believe His promises. ‘Bout them do shout!
Tell of His love. Tell of His care.
Tell of His grace to us, how Christ we wear.

We believe Him. Now truth within.
Follow Him everywhere, turning from sin.
Do what He says. Obey His Word.
Fellowship with Him, for His truth we’ve heard.

We love our Lord, follow His lead,
We share His gospel and other hearts feed.
Do not Him doubt. Fearless we’ll be,
Believing in Him, as we bow the knee.

Yield to His will. Make Him our Lord.
Receive salvation that we can’t afford.
Freely He gives. Freely He cares.
He died to free us, His righteousness wear.

Wait for Him now. Coming again
To receive us to Him – Hearty Amen!

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