The Senses

An Original Work / October 25, 2019

What’s that you hear?
Whispers in the darkness,
Rumors flying everywhere,
Truth not to be found.

What’s your response?
Listen with attention?
Engaging yourself in it?
Or, do you walk away?

What’s that you see?
Sexual innuendos
So loaded with perversion,
Purity not found.

Do you give answer?
Or entertain it?
Join in with laughter?
Or you reject it?

What’s that you taste?
More food than needed –
Wisdom not heeded,
Our lust we feeded.

What can we do?
Say “No” to extras,
Remove from table,
Know Christ is able.

What’s that you touch?
Self with perversion,
Idols in making –
Wisdom not taking.

How to get out it?
Trust God don’t doubt Him.
Do what he tells you.
Surrender to Him.

What’s that you smell?
Sweet sacrifices?
Or your devices?
For sin entices.

How can you lick it?
His Word, stick to it.
No hesitation.
Give Him ovations.

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