Need to Endure

An Original Work / November 21, 2019

Trials will come,
You can be sure.
Testing is part of life.
Need to endure.

Troubles increase.
Need for release.
Put your faith in your Lord.
You will find peace.

Sorrows you face.
Tears, they will fall.
You will find comfort when
On God you call.

Tempter lays snare.
Do not be fooled.
Hypocrites playing you.
Give them no pull.

God is aware.
He knows your plight.
Don’t let your enemy win,
Stand and fight.

Vict’ry is yours.
Battle you’ll win,
When you stand strong in faith,
Do not give in.

Patiently wait.
God will not fail
To fulfill all that he promised,
For sure.

Trust in His love.
He’ll not dessert
Those who trust Him with their lives.
Rest secure.

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