Tried and True

An Original Work / June 27, 2022 Tried and true, our Lord is King. He is Lord over everything. Pure and righteous, ne’er a fault, In Him there’s no reason to doubt. Sovereign over all our lives, He never puts on a disguise. Faithful in all that He does, We can rely on His pure … Continue reading Tried and True

Do You Not Know?

An Original Work / November 10, 2019 Do you not know? Have you not heard? Our God is faithful to His every word! He completes you, fulfills your needs, When you trust in Him – On His Word do feed. Believe He cares. Do not despair! Those who trust in Him are under His care. … Continue reading Do You Not Know?

When Hard Times Come

An Original Work / May 10, 2018 When hard times come, And the waves crash in, And all’s unsettled By the circumstance, Then, trust your Lord And His faithfulness. For, He gives vict’ry Over sin’s darkness. So, have no fear, Then, of what may come. For, God is sovereign Over all kingdoms. He freely gives … Continue reading When Hard Times Come