Tradition vs Revelation

Video Talk

Soon I will be turning 73 years old, Lord willing. And I grew up attending gatherings of the church from birth on up. So I grew up believing in and practicing many traditions that were considered Christian traditions or practices and/or beliefs. And I followed most of those religiously probably most of my life. And even though I began teaching the Scriptures while I was still a teenager, I read the Scriptures a good portion of that time in light of what I had been taught growing up, and I tried to make it fit.

But the more I spent time in the Word of God studying it and teaching it, in context, the more I could not reconcile some of the things I had grown up believing and practicing. I tried for many years to make the Scriptures say what I had been taught early on but I really struggled with that. And then the Lord began convicting my heart about certain things and so I had to take a good hard look at them biblically, and then I had to change some of those beliefs and practices I had been taught from early on.

Now in the video I don’t mention this, but the first thing mentioned in this poem I am not sure I ever believed in, but most Christians I have known throughout my life have and do believe in this and so it is something I come up against on a somewhat consistent basis, and so I have done personal open-minded studies on this subject. The second one mentioned I did not believe in the specific imaginary person mentioned but I did practice the holiday, which celebrates him, that is until 10 years ago. But the third thing mentioned I was definitely fully engaged in until about 18 years ago.

Anyway, the point of this is that as we grow closer to our Lord and the more we dig into the Scriptures and we see what they teach in context, the more we may realize, as I did, that some of the things we were taught early on were not true. And so we have to reconcile those things with God and with the Scriptures, and so we may have to stop some things we used to do and stop believing some things we used to believe as the Lord awakens us to some of those things. So, be open to hearing what the Spirit is saying.

“Cards on The Table”

As scriptures teach, I don’t believe
There is a pre-trib rapture.
From what I read, I do perceive
That we’ll go all together.

For Jesus said we would be there
To see the tribulation.
And some of us they’ll put to death,
But we have our salvation.

But don’t be sad, for it’s not bad
To suffer for our Savior.
For we will walk the streets of gold,
And His we’ll be forever!

As scriptures teach, I don’t believe
That we should worship Santa.
For, false he is, and yet he lives
Within the hearts of many.

His makers, they have made him God;
His attributes have plenty.
But, Jesus Christ, they minimize,
And He is barely mentioned.

The worldliness that’s part of all
There is at Christmastime
Is not of God, not what He wants
In way of celebration.

As scriptures teach, I don’t believe,
That we should pledge allegiance
To anyone but Jesus Christ
The God of our salvation.

Our loyalty to Him alone,
And never to the nations
Is what He wants
Of those who’re His,
Who sing His jubilation.

No compromise of truth be told
From our lips or our lives;
No partnerships with those not His.
No unity with lies.

As scriptures teach, I do believe,
That we should follow Jesus,
And give Him all our heart and soul,
And live for HIM forever.

An Original Work / December 12, 2018

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