The Lord Knows the Way of the Righteous

Psalms 1:1-2 ESV “Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers; but his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night.” As followers of Jesus Christ we … Continue reading The Lord Knows the Way of the Righteous

Tradition vs Revelation

Video Talk Soon I will be turning 73 years old, Lord willing. And I grew up attending gatherings of the church from birth on up. So I grew up believing in and practicing many traditions that were considered Christian traditions or practices and/or beliefs. And I followed most of those religiously probably most of my … Continue reading Tradition vs Revelation

Messed Up People Meme

There is a popular meme on Facebook that says, “I’d rather attend church with messed up people who love God, than religious people who dislike messed up people.” So, let’s break that down in sections. The church is the body of Christ comprised of those who are to love (obey) God, who have died with … Continue reading Messed Up People Meme