When I Don’t Know What to Pray

So, when I don’t know what to pray
I don’t know what to God to say
He intercedes for my requests
For He knows what is truly best

He counsels me when I’m confused
When I am hurting or misused
When things in life just don’t make sense
When people live lives in pretense

He shows the way I am to go
And how His truth I am to know
He leads me in His righteousness
And comforts when I’m in distress

For He’s my Lord, my Savior King
To Him I give my everything
I want to walk with Him each day
To read His word, to bow and pray

I want to make Him Lord of life
So I do not live life in strife
He gives me peace I would not know
If love for Him I did not show

So He’s my life, my everything
My life to Him my offering
I follow Him where’er He leads
While on His Word I daily feed

An Original Work / November 8, 2022

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