An Original Work / October 5, 2021

Filibuster of the luster
Putting off what he can’t muster
Stalling tactics light his candle
Honesty he cannot handle

Twiddling thumbs is now his mission
While he’s lacking any vision
He’s wasting time, which makes no sense
While waiting for his recompense

So, looking back, he sees no harm
In all he’s done with all his charm
So, don’t berate him, he’ll not take it
Sincerity, he’ll likely fake it

Controlling, idling, that’s his thing
On his high horse maneuvering
He’s got his set ups all in place
So quickly he can now erase

But pride will come before a fall
And soon he’ll not be standing tall
But he’ll be standing in a hall
Waits for his name someone to call

So, don’t be prideful, full of lust
Or someone may your pride, he’ll bust
Surrender your life up to God
And stop your being such a fraud

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