written in a song

An Original Work / September 26, 2021

Who is right and who is wrong?
It’ll be written in a song.
Who’s pretending he is right?
Who from truth has taken flight?

Who are actors playing you,
Hoping you will think they’re true?
Stage productions wearing thin
While they look at you and grin.

Does deception really exist?
Do you in your thoughts resist?
Do you live in fairy land
Thinking all is surely grand?

Idols have you made of man,
Thinking on them you’ll depend?
Think that they’ll not fail you,
And that to you they’ll be true?

Not a good idea to do,
Set up humans as gurus.
Blindly follow, stay in line
Without question who’s behind.

Testing, testing, that we’ll do,
Ask our questions, through and through.
Don’t believe them just because
They are someone with a cause.

Check them out. Listen to their words.
Learn to listen and discern.
Watch their patterns, watch their gates,
Who they love and who they hate.

Pray to God in heaven above
Ask for wisdom. Ask for love.
Make decisions prayerfully,
And keep testing dutifully.

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