An Original Work / September 14, 2021

Lockstep, lockstep, all in place,
No one asking, all a gaze.
Mindless foll’wers do their thing,
Foll’wing without questioning.

Do always what they have heard,
Matter not how so absurd.
Minions giving service to
Their slave masters, one and two.

This reveals what they were taught
Early on is not for naught.
Worship taught, but not to God.
Worship taught is but a fraud.

Fly those flags, and sing those songs,
Not to God do these belong.
Worship idols, all a row,
Your allegiance, it does show.

Praise the flag, your nation, too,
Praise your government, one, two.
Follow leaders where they lead,
Even so God you don’t heed.

Think not if God’s truly pleased
With your idols, one, two, three.
Worship men, but not your God.
“Praise and worship” is a fraud.

How then can you remedy?
To your God now bow the knee.
Turn from your sins, idols flee.
Walk in love, in victory.

Question all your idols say.
Take their words to God and pray.
Ask for wisdom, truth to know,
So your idols no more know.

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