a fateful day

An Original Work / September 11, 2021
On the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers

A fateful day on lives did prey,
A sadness filled the air.
Then fear arose, and billows flowed,
And lives were in despair.

Confusion felt by all that day.
In wonderment they stared
As buildings fell, and dreams dispelled,
Their future now they feared.

The flags half mast, the people bowed
Their heads to pray to God.
They called on Him to help them then,
To go where’er they trod.

A nation mourned the loss of life,
And wondered what comes next.
The churches now were filled to brim,
And people were bereft.

But time passed by, and life moved on,
And images were dimmed.
And people went through course of life,
And did not look to Him. (though some did)

And things got worse, the second verse,
Not many seemed to care
That tragic day new lives dismayed,
New lives now in despair.

The haters hate, and lives do take
To further all their goals.
For, what’s at stake? They dominate
The world and all its gold.

This, not surprise, we knew about
What was to come, and yet,
Not many really understand
We’re there. Let’s not forget.

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