Be So Aware

An Original Work / July 9, 2021

Of Satan’s snare be so aware,
And do not live without a care.
He’ll wipe you right off of your feet
And kick you down in deep defeat.
He’s tricky, he is, there’s no doubt,
He’ll give a one, two, then you’re out.

So, put on armor that’s of God,
Remain awake, without a nod.
Walk in the light, and not the dark,
And keep on going. Do not park.
Remain in Him, His words in you,
And let your words always be true.

For Satan’s goal is your defeat.
He doesn’t want you, God to meet.
He wants to keep you in despair,
So, righteousness you will not wear.
He wants to keep you stumble-ing,
So, for your God, care not a thing.

So be aware his every move,
And of his tricks, do not approve.
Obey your Lord in one accord.
To play with sin, you can’t afford.
Love God, your Lord, with all your heart,
And from His Word, do not depart.

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