they are thrilled

An Original Work / October 18, 2021

Tardy, tardy, not on time
Lazy, lazy, it’s a crime
Truthful, truthful, rein them in
Teach them: “Don’t give in to sin”

All their idols in a row
They put on a fancy show
Crowds are coming, lusts fulfilled
Cheap grace gospel – they are thrilled

Fancy parties, dinner dates
But for Jesus, they are late
Entertainment – where it’s at
Vacillating this or that

Bible now they barely know
Quote from movies, quote from shows
Actors, actors, know them all
But on Jesus barely call

Politicians, that’s their gig
They’re their saviors, who they dig
Follow them where’er they lead
Feel that somehow them they need

Preachers tell them many jokes
Eat their chips and drink their cokes
Lots of parties, games galore
While their preachers they adore

Liars, liars all around
Preachers now turned into clowns
Music now is chic and hip
Sermons from a flip of stick

Gospel altered, flesh to please
No more getting on their knees
Don’t obey Him – do their thing
Sins to Jesus they not bring

“Leave your idols, pray to God
Leave your sins, give up your bod
Jesus cleanse you from your sins
Let His Spirit now come in

“Follow Jesus where He leads
Obey Him in all your deeds
Daily die with Him to sin
Live for Jesus, walk in Him”

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