Talk With Jesus

An Original Work / June 10, 2018

In the stillness of the night
I sit quietly, waiting,
Listening to hear
My Savior’s voice.

In the quiet of the eve
It is so peaceful, restful,
Free from busyness
And distractions.

He speaks quietly to me,
Gently guiding me, leading,
Teaching me the way
That I should go.

He whispers softly His Words
Sometimes through music, singing.
The melodies play
Now in my mind.

Scriptures unfold before me
Teaching me what is righteous,
And holy, so I
May live for Christ.

In the quiet I talk, too,
Telling Him what’s on my mind.
I bring my requests
Then before Him.

Entered into His presence,
I humble myself in prayer,
Seeking to know His will
For my life.

I thank Him and I praise Him
For His love and salvation.
He crucified sin
And gave new life.

Oh, how sweet my communion
With my Lord and my Savior.
My spirit refreshed,
Now says, “Goodnight.”

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