Where He Leads Me

An Original Work / July 4, 2018

Where He leads me I must follow,cropped-treespath-2.jpg
Follow Him where’er He goes,
Through the mountains, through the valleys.
Where that is, He only knows.

Walking with me ev’ry hour,
Gently guiding me each day,
Teaching me to always listen
When He speaks, and shows the way.

It may be to show some kindness
To someone who needs His grace,
Or it may be just to listen
To a hurting soul today;

Show compassion, understanding,
Always lend a helping hand,
Show affection, give attention,
Help a hurting heart to mend;

Share the gospel, tell of Jesus,
Who died on a cruel tree.
Tell how their sins he did pardon,
So that they could be set free;

Be like Jesus, care for others,
Speak the Words of Truth to them.
Lay your lives down on His altar,
Holy, pleasing unto Him;

Willing now to be mistreated,
Share in Jesus’ sufferings,
Persecuted for the gospel,
Wait for our returning King.

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