But Are You Willing?

An Original Work / June 8, 2018

The question is not,
“Is God able?”
For our Bible’s
Not a fable.

The question then is
“Are you willing
To surrender?
Your life giving?”

When Jesus gave His
Life up for us,
Died on that cross,
So He’d free us.

So He, in His death,
Conquered our sin
So that we might
Walk in freedom.

So, there’s no question,
“Can it happen?”
Hope has conquered.
There is freedom!

We must believe it,
Then receive it,
Put our trust in
God, our witness.

Our God is able
Sin to conquer.
Give Him your life.
Give Him honor.

Then you will walk in
Vict’ry o’er sin,
Praising Jesus,
Free now within.

But are you willing?

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