Love Pursuing

An Original Work / April 14, 2018

Time is ticking, running out.
Where is your faith? Do you doubt?
What’s your practice? Where’s your life?
Who’s your idol for tonight?

Making noises, sing your songs.
Blow your trumpets. Clang your gongs.
Throw your parties. Chat with friends.
Entertainment never ends.

Love pursuing. Never find.
Sin’s addictions not rewind.
Going nowhere. Spin your wheels.
Lust and lewdness are the thrill.

Jesus Christ is not your life.
You profess Him. That’s not right.
Make him your Lord, King today.
Humble yourself. Bow and pray.

Turn from your sin. Flesh depart.
Let Him now live in your heart.
You will be glad that you did.
Your life now in Him be hid.

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