Lying Tongues

An Original Work / April 9, 2018

You say one thing,
But you do another.
You say you’re pure,
But have another lover.

Your talk is cheap.
And your walk is failing.
You’re not sincere,
So, you can stop your railing.

You play your games,
And your lips do conquer.
You may fool some,
But, I have got your number.

You plead your case,
And say you’re innocent.
Your sin declares, though,
You must, in truth, repent.

You now can stop
With all of your charades.
Your God knows all, which
He surely can display.

In pride, you’ll fall,
From all you don’t repent;
If you keep on sinning,
and you don’t relent.

So, give your all
To Me, Your Lord, today,
And I will wipe
All your guilt and sins away.

And you will walk
In freedom from your sin,
When you invite Me
To come and live within.

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