Without Excuse

An Original Work / April 23, 2018
Based off Romans 1 NIV

God, our creator,20210416_154701
Has made himself plain,
Through all his creation,
He revealed His plan.

All of His virtues
Were made clear to all.
Mankind, without excuse,
Now choosing to fall.

Godless and wicked
Face God’s holy wrath.
Not lacking in knowledge,
They deny the truth.

Man claims to be wise,
But thinking is vain.
Their foolish hearts darkened,
They give God no thanks.

They traded their God
For idols of man.
Their Savior rejected;
Discarded His plan.

So, God let them go,
To do what they will,
Follow what flesh desires.
Their hearts, so impure.

Although they know of
God’s righteous decrees,
They continue these things,
And don’t bow the knee.

Not only are they
Depraved in their minds,
But to others’ bad deeds,
They turn a blind eye.

But there is hope…

Our Lord Jesus died,
So we could be free
Of our bondage to sin,
If Him, we believe.

The gospel of grace,
Gives freedom to us.
So, no longer enslaved,
We’re free from our lusts.

To holiness called –
Obey God’s commands.
Walk in righteousness now.
On Christ, take your stand!

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