I Am Yours

An Original Work / March 18, 2018

When I think of You, Lord,
In the watches of the night,
I am filled with wonder
At the power of Your might.

All that lies before me,
All that You have planned for me,
Fills my life with purpose,
So my heart now sings with glee.

Each day in Your presence,
As my heart draws close to You,
I want to adore You,
And, to You, always be true.

Thank You for Your grace, Lord,
For forgiveness of my sins,
So I walk in freedom,
In Christ, purified within.

Love You, Lord, my Savior,
On a cross You gave Your life,
So I’d live in vict’ry,
Because of Your sacrifice.

With Your love, You bless me,
For, You called me to be Yours,
Lord, I am Your servant,
Living daily in Your pow’r.

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