Do We?

An Original Work / March 20, 2018
Based off Job 38-42

When the things of this life
Do not go as planned,
Do we trust in our Lord?
Or trust then in man?

Are we tempted to fear
How things now will go?
Do we question our God
On things we should know?

Do we think that we know
Now better than God?
Were we there when He formed
The earth with its sod?

Did we fashion the seas
Inside our own hands?
Have we ordered the day;
The night we command?

Is our answer, instead,
Put hand over mouth?
Do we humble ourselves,
Refuse to be proud?


Do we see that our God,
Has made all these things?
And, that truly we do
Lack understanding?

Do we trust that He plans
What truly is best?
Of our sins, now repent
In dust and ashes?

Do we recognize now
That God truly knows
What He’s doing with us?
His love He bestows?

For, our God has a plan
For each of our lives.
So, with God’s perfect plan,
Then, we should not strive.

Trust our lives in His care,
Our sins we’ll defeat.
Follow Him where He leads.
Our needs He will meet.

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