Old Cross, New Cross

An Original Work / March 3, 2018

The old cross is the cross
On which our Savior died.
He took our sins upon himself,
And he was crucified.

He died upon that cross
To put our sins to death,
That we might die with him to sin
And live to righteousness.

The new cross, not the same.
On sin it puts no blame.
It satisfies the flesh of man.
He does not have to change.

Its god does not require
We leave our flesh’s desire.
It modifies and pacifies.
It strives to not offend.

But where, in all, lies truth?
It’s found in Jesus Christ.
He said that we must die to sin,
Live to His righteousness.

His Holy Spirit, gave,
To live within our lives,
To take away the pow’r of sin.
We live victorious!

So, no one has to sin.
Our Lord has made a way
That we can walk in holiness
And live for Him each day.

In truth, we must believe,
By faith, our Lord receive.
Accept Him now to be your Lord,
And walk in victory!

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