It’s Sad

An Original Work / October 26, 2019

Featured Image -- 422

It’s sad, you know,
Watching someone you love
Wandering so,
Seeming to go nowhere.

Each day’s no
Different from the other.
It’s the same old, same old
Day after day after day.

No purpose or direction
Seems to be found.
Just existing,
Putting in their time.

Sleep, awake, eat, play.
What you going to do today?
Same old, same old.
Not much new.

Same old patterns
Come into play
Day after day
After day.

So empty, it seems,
So focused on self-pleasure.
Not much giving out of oneself
To help another.

Seems to be no
Motivation to change direction.
Seems content just
Going through a daily routine.

Sad to see, you know.
So sad to see.

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