Pitter Patter

An Original Work / November 5, 2019

Pitter patter
What’s the matter?
Life is full of
Empty chatter.

Wishful thinking
Lights are blinking
While men’s lives are
Deeply sinking.

Throes of idols
All asunder
While men’s anger
Sounds like thunder.


World a turning,
Fires burning,
While men’s hearts are
Barely churning.

Much confusion
Lacking vision
Christians not on
Holy mission.

Worldly matters
Makeup chatter
And will end in
Much disaster.

Holy mission
Not God’s vision
But of man
And television.

Do you notice?
Look at lattice
And then you’ll see
What’s in practice.

God’s not silent
When you’re violent
He is speaking
And He’ll triumph!

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