Life’s a Game?

An Original Work / August 8, 2019


Headed nowhere, that’s the game.
Changing nothing, still the same.
Fighting battles, not to win,
For intending to give in.

Play with fire, will get burned.
Not intending hearts to turn.
Always running here or there,
Seeming to not have a care.

Making fun of everything.
Joking, laughing, life’s a fling.
Entertainment – where it’s at!
They’re not kidding – that’s a fact!

Have no purpose, so escape,
To a world that’s truly fake.
No direction, nothing gained,
Living life now so in vain.

Life so empty, void of God.
Pleasure driven where they trod.
God in heaven looking down
Speaks His message to these clowns.

You will surely reap what’s sown.
If for pleasure, you will drown.
If for God in Heav’n above,
Life eternal giv’n by God.

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