Unrequited Love

An Original Work / March 10, 2018
Based off Psalm 36

You speak words of love to me,
But your actions deny them.
Your eyes, full of adultery,
Testify against you.

Promises made, but not kept,
Words spoken, often in jest,
Hardhearted and prideful unrest,
Put your Lord to the test.

You think that I am like you.
In your image, you make me.
You conform me to your likeness.
Your sins do not confess.

You do what you know is wrong.
You refuse to do what’s right.
So, you cheapen my grace to you,
And, from me you take flight.

Thus, you do not hate your sin.
Instead, you entertain it.
Then, you cover it up with lies,
Thinking I’ll accept that.

But, my love for you is pure.
My grace is all sufficient
For you to live in righteousness,
From sin, live in freedom!

That is why I died for you,
That you might walk in vict’ry.
For, crucified with me to sin,
You are now forgiven.

So, walk now by my Spirit.
You’ll not gratify the flesh.
You’ll know the joy and love of God.
Your soul will now find rest.

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