Going South

An Original Work / July 13, 2018

20210408_115749You say you believe,
But then you deceive.

You claim you’re a Christian,
But it’s just a religion.

You say He is Lord;
With Him, not accord.

You claim His forgiveness,
But turn church into business.

You say you are saved,
But, you’re still depraved.

You claim you are righteous,
While you still walk in darkness.

But, your talk is cheap.
His Words you not keep.

You worship Him in vain,
For, His righteousness disdain.

Easy way you want.
Sinfulness to flaunt.

The cross of Christ abase;
Make a mockery of faith.

Honor not your God.
You are such a fraud.

Your promises not keep,
Your adulteries, in deep.

Turn from sin today.
Humble now, and pray.

Forgiveness now is yours,
When, in truth, He is your Lord.

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