Weathering the Storm

An Original Work / July 2, 2018

20200421_182148Storm clouds gather.
Though they may,
I’ll choose not
To be dismayed.

Trust in my Lord,
What he says.
“Fear not” future.
Fret is dead.

Hope has conquered.
Peace subdues.
Lies of Satan
Truth out rules.

Nothing life can
Throw at me
Escapes Jesus’

God of comfort,
Lord of love,
Never changing,
He’s our God!

He rules over
All the earth,
For he gave us
All our birth.

He supremely
Has in mind
What’s for our good;
What is kind.

Gentle Savior,
Died for all,
Our salvation,
Our sin fall.

Freely given,
Grace we’ll find.
Turn from our sins;
Change of mind.

Walk with Jesus
Every day.
Read our Bible,
Kneel and pray.

He’ll forgive us
All our sins,
When we let him
To come in.

Peace He’ll give us,
From above,
For He pardoned
Us in love.

Living for Him
Every day.
Trusting Him in
Every way.

Joy eternal,
Life, no end,
When on Him
We now depend.

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