An Original Work / September 20, 2018

20210227_153229They’re Liars, deceivers
Who mimic believers,
Controlling the masses
Regardless of classes

Thievery, trickery,
They’re from the enemy
They’re always so charming
It is quite alarming

They’re not to be trusted
For they will get busted
Think they’re invincible
‘Twill be a crucible

Have always excuses
For all their abuses
Recycled behaviors
Pay to them no favors

Although God is gracious
Still they are tenacious
They show they’re not willing
God’s Spirit infilling

For flesh is what matters
And people they flatter
In hopes to deceive them
So they will believe them

Their sins they do cover
So none will discover
Exactly what woos them
And who then did choose them

For, if they are truthful
To them will be hurtful
In self-preservation
Remain in their station

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