An Original Work / November 27, 2021

Clean in heart from the start,
Your new life in Christ.
Crystal clear what is dear,
Faith not taken heist.

Sin not found in your life,
For you died to all.
Christ in you, all things new,
Christ is ALL IN ALL.

Crucified Him to sin,
His blood shed for you.
Walk with Him, holiness,
To Him say, “I do!”

Read the Word thoroughly,
Bow to Him and pray.
Give your life all to Him,
Each and every day.

Go with Him where He leads,
He’ll meet all your needs.
Share his Word everywhere
His sheep you do feed.

Know the cost, suffering
For your Lord and Christ.
Persecute, they’ll do you,
All throughout your life.

Don’t let fear get to you,
Trust in Christ your Lord.
Righteousness, follow it,
And to sin abhor.

Mockery, that they do
Of His gospel truth.
Hold out light, shine it there,
To those who’re uncouth.

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