Have I Become Your Enemy?

The passage of Scripture is Galatians 4:12-20, which is a continuation of the previous section of verses 8-11. I taught on vv. 8-9 a few hours ago in a post titled, “He Died to Free You!” And the subject matter of that post was of Christians, whom Jesus had delivered from their slavery to sin, turning back to idolatry, immorality, wickedness, lying, cheating, etc., i.e. turning back to being enslaved by sin all over again even though Jesus had set them free.

And then Paul gave a defense of his ministry to those who were returning to slavery to sin, stating that, at first, they did him no wrong, but they were supportive of him, even though his bodily ailment was a trial to them. They did not scorn or despise him, but they received him as an angel of God, as Christ Jesus. And he testified to them that, if possible, they would have gouged out their eyes and given them to him. But then he asked them:

“What then has become of your blessedness?” And

“Have I then become your enemy by telling you the truth?”

For, they were no longer listening to him. Now they were listening to other voices which were convincing them to go back to idolatry. So, he feared that he may have labored over them in vain.

Galatians 4:16 ESV

“Have I then become your enemy by telling you the truth?”

An Advocate for the Unprotected

I am an advocate for the abused, the innocent, the unprotected, and the vulnerable, not in a legal sense, but in a moral sense. The Lord Jesus led me to begin a blog titled, “Walking Wounded,” back in January of 2018, so nearly 4 years ago, in order to address such issues of adultery, abuse, lying, addiction, manipulation, forgiveness, healing, deliverance, and the like.

Now, I do post a variety of posts on this blog, but the primary purpose of it is to talk about these issues mentioned, and to give examples, sometimes, too, of such situations, so that you can relate to the subject in a very personal way. I do not skirt around issues, for then the writing serves no purpose. I am frank in these discussions because if we don’t face these issues for what they are then we can’t find true healing and deliverance.

The Lord Jesus led me to share my own testimony in the form of a book titled, “I Married My Dad,” and with my husband’s endorsement and approval I published this book on this blog and it can be downloaded for free. The beginning chapters detail what our life situations were, and then the bulk of the book is focused on remedy, on healing, and on deliverance.

So, if you come to this blog expecting some “nicey-nice feel-good” devotions to make you feel good about where you are in life, then you have come to the wrong place. This is a place where we are going to talk turkey about real life situations regarding abuse and addiction (and what all that entails), etc. I will not name names except by permission, or unless they are public figures. So, if you think you know who I am talking about, please keep that to yourselves.

We accomplish nothing if all we do is talk around subjects or so generically that no one is touched by them at all. Jesus didn’t dilute the truth and neither did Paul, and neither will I. And before you go on the all out attack and start accusing me wrongfully, please know that I will not publish such comments as those on my blog. You may ask questions. You may test what I say against the Scriptures. But please be respectful.

Galatians 4:17-20 ESV

“They make much of you, but for no good purpose. They want to shut you out, that you may make much of them. It is always good to be made much of for a good purpose, and not only when I am present with you, my little children, for whom I am again in the anguish of childbirth until Christ is formed in you! I wish I could be present with you now and change my tone, for I am perplexed about you.”

From Deep Love and Concern

The reason I write what I write is the same reason that Paul wrote and said what he wrote and said. And that is out of anguish of childbirth until Christ is formed in you. It is out of deep love and concern for the hurting, the vulnerable, the abused, and the unprotected, but it is also out of deep love and concern for the addicted, the abusers, the liars and the adulterers who are trapped by sin’s deceitfulness and who are refusing the way out.

I see, not only what sin does to those being sinned against by others, but I see what sin does to the lives of those who are living in addiction to sin, who are refusing to come into the light lest their evil deeds be exposed, and who are continuing in their sinful practices even though they have been shown the light. It breaks my heart. I weep over these situations. And so did Paul. And that is why he addressed such issues, out of deep love and concern, and with a hope that what he wrote might move them in the right direction.

But the reason we are where were are as the church right now, and as a nation (America, for me), is that so many have deserted the faith to go after the false gods of this world, and to go after these “feel good” messages which don’t confront them with their sin, and which don’t call them to repentance, and which don’t insist on obedience to the Lord’s commands.

So many church gatherings, or gatherings of what is being falsely called “church,” are being pastored by men (and some women) who are altering the gospel message to appeal to the flesh of humans. And so they are telling them that they can “believe” in Jesus and have their sins forgiven and have heaven guaranteed them as their eternal destiny, but that they don’t have to obey the Lord or forsake their sins or submit to Christ as Lord. Or else they are just telling them that their sins no longer matter to God.

And what is the result? Statistics have it that as much as 65-75% of Christian men are regulars of pornography viewing, and many of them are addicted to porn and to sexual idolatry and immorality. Many women have joined their ranks, as well, and a large number of children now are viewing porn and are involved in sexual sin in various other ways. And statistics have it that 35-50% of pastors now view porn, too. And the church is proud!

And what is the result of all this? Dad’s are not leading their families to walk in holiness and righteousness, but they are leading them to walk in wickedness. Some of them are abusing their wives and their children, too, because they are filling their minds with all that filth, and the church is largely doing nothing about it, but they are actually granting permission for them to continue in their idolatries and in their sexual immoralities.

So, child abuse and spousal abuse, especially in the area of sexual abuse, is now rampant in the church and in our homes and in our communities. But we aren’t supposed to address these issues because it might offend people. And if we do address these issues, we are considered “the bad guy.” We have now become the enemy because we are telling the truth, and we are exposing the lies and the sin that is running rampant in the church, for we are calling “help!” for someone to come to the rescue.

But we need to talk about these things because they are killing the family of God, they are destroying the church, they are killing marriages, they are breaking apart families, and they are ruining the lives of the young and vulnerable. I once was one of those abused children, so I know what it feels like, and I am the spouse of a man who is still dealing with addiction to sin, so I feel these situations from personal experience, and I care.

There’s a Stirring

By Annie Herring

There’s a stirring deep within me
Could it be my time has come
When I’ll see my gracious savior
face to face when all is done
Is that his voice I am hearing?
‘Come away, my precious one’
Is he calling me?
Is he calling me?

I will rise up, rise up
And bow down
And lay my crown
At his wounded feet

Is that His voice I am hearing?
‘Come away, my precious one’

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