What is Life?

An Original Work / December 5, 2018

What is life? How or when does it have meaning?
Why are we here? What purpose do we serve?

Are we here by happenstance?
Are we here solely for ourselves –
For our own survival –
To do what pleases us only?

When we wake up in the morning,
What gets us up and going?
What is our thinking or our reasoning
For even existing and breathing?

Why do we do what we do every day?
What drives us and motivates us?
Did someone somewhere instill within us
Some reason for why we were even born?

And, what if they didn’t?
I mean what if we were beaten down?
What if no one ever said a kind word to us?
What if no one encouraged us along the way?
Would we still have reason to exist?

What if all we ever heard was
“You’re no good!” “You will never amount to anything!”?
What if no one said, “I love you!”?
What if no one hugged you or told you that you were special?
Would you still want to get up in the morning?

For, not everyone has a good life.
Not everyone is loved or cared for
Or made to feel important or special,
At least not by other humans.

Not everyone has their tummies full
When they go to bed each night.
Not everyone has a nice warm home
With warm blankets to curl up under in bed.

But, whether we had it good or we had it bad,
What impact did that have on our lives?
How did that form our thinking or our reasoning
About why we are here and what purpose we have?

Is it possible that there is someone greater than us
Who formed us, who made us,
and who has a purpose for why we exist?

Is it reasonable to think that
we did not just appear one day,
but that there was a masterful design for us
that was in place even before the world began?

Is it probable that all that we have gone through;
All that we have experienced in this life,
Whether good or bad, was in preparation
For the life design that we were destined to live?

Is it realistic to think that just maybe
There was a purpose for it all?
That it was not all just for naught?
But there is some sense to be made
Of all the craziness that we went through?

I believe there is. I believe in God,
Creator of the universe and creator of all that has
The breath of life which he breathed into them.

And, I believe our purpose is to give God
All the honor, the praise, and the thanksgiving
For giving us life, and for placing us here,
And for revealing himself to us through his creation.

I believe our purpose in existing is
To give God our worship and our very lives
Given over to him, yielded solely to him
For his purposes and for his glory and praise.

And, I believe that we are to give all honor
To the Son of God, Jesus Christ,
Who gave himself up for us on a cross
So that we could be delivered from our sin
And have eternal life with God.

And, I believe that through faith in Jesus Christ
We can have meaning and purpose for our lives.
And, we can begin to see God’s plan for our lives
From even before he created the world.

And, when we yield our hearts and our lives
To follow Jesus Christ, in his ways, according to his will,
He shows us the way that he has for us.

And, then life begins to make sense,
And all that we went through has meaning,
And it has purpose, and we can see God’s hands
On our lives all the way, through it all.

And, then we begin to realize that
It wasn’t all for naught, for there was a reason
For this season in our lives where we may not have
Felt God’s love and care, but still He was there.

And, so we bow before him,
And we acknowledge his sovereignty
Over our lives, and we say “Yes”
To his will, to follow him in his ways.

And, now we have a reason to live,
To get up in the morning,
And to do what he has for us to do
Each and every day.

And, that reason is not only for His glory, honor and praise,
But it is for our own salvation and our fellowship with God.
And, too, it is that we minister his love
And his grace in other people’s lives.

For, we do not live to ourselves,
But we live to please God,
And we live to love others
As God loves us.

And, one day our Lord is going to return
And he is going to gather all of his servants,
And he is going to take us to be with him forever,
And we will then forever live in peace, to the glory of God. Amen!

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