An Original Work / November 16, 2018

When death comes a knocking on your door,
Will you be ready to meet your Lord?
Have you repented of all your sins?
Have you made Jesus your Lord within?

Or Are you still living your life for self,
While you put Jesus up on the shelf?
Is your life consumed with pleasing you?
Fulfilling your lusts is what you do?

Is life just a party all for you?
Being entertained sticks just like glue?
Forgiven, you say, you truly are,
So it doesn’t matter you sin far.

Your idols? “No problem. Got that licked.”
Tomorrow you learn another trick.
In circles you travel round and round,
While true peace with God is never found.

And, one day death will be at your door.
And God no longer can you ignore.
You’ll have to answer for what you did
With Christ’s sacrifice, so you might live.

So, don’t play around with time you have,
For time’s not your friend, and you’ll be had.
Surrender your life up all to God,
Or be ye prepared to face his rod.

For, Jesus died to free you from sin.
Let his Spirit come to live within.
Forsake your idols and turn to God.
Believe in Jesus to be your Lord.

Trust in Jesus with all of your life.
And give your heart to him. Do what’s right.
Jesus will forgive all of your sins
When you repent and you follow him.

Then, you can be sure, when at death’s door,
That you will be meeting Christ your Lord.

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