Honored You’ll Be

An Original Work / March 31, 2018
Based off Isaiah 49:1-7

Before I was born,
The Lord called me.
From my own mother’s womb,
Spoke He my name.

In His loving hands,
My Lord hid me.
Like a sword that is sharp,
My mouth He made.

“My servant, you are,”
He said to me,
“From within you, I show
My majesty.”

But, I said that I
“In vain labored.
I have spent all my strength
For not a thing.”

Yet, it came to me,
“What is due me –
My reward that’s with God,
Is in His hands.”

The Lord now does say,
“I have formed you
For My servant to be,
At My command.

“I have pardoned you
For My purpose.
I delivered you from
All of your sin.

“I have called to you,
‘Be My witness.
Be My light to the world
To the earth’s end.’

“I have chosen you,
You are valued
In the eyes of the Lord.
Your strength I’ll be.”

The Lord said to me,
“I have loved you.
Though forsaken you are,
Honored you’ll be.”

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