Confession of Sin

An Original Work / March 27, 2018
Based off Psalm 51

Have mercy on me, O my God.
According to Your gracious love.
Blot out my sins.
Cleanse me within.
Bring comfort to me from above.

I come before You with my sin.
Such evil against You I’ve done.
Sinful at birth;
Covered with filth.
Yet, faithfulness still You did want.

Of joy’s gladness, let me now hear.
From me, all my sadness, expend.
Pure heart, let be,
Now within me.
Renew a firm spirit within.

Then I will teach sinners Your ways,
Now turning their hearts back to You.
My tongue will sing
Of righteousness.
Lord, from my lips, now praise is due.

I sacrifice my life to You,
So holy and pleasing to God.
A contrite heart
You’ll not despise.
To my Savior, I give my heart.

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