If I Were

An Original Work / October 4, 2019

If I were a flea
Sitting in a corner
Of your house at night,
What would I see?

Would I see dark?
Or, would I see light?
What changes would I
Sense in light or darkness?

If I were a frog
Sitting on your
window sill at night,
What would I hear?

A mating call to someone
Other than your spouse?
Or, complaints cause someone’s
Getting too close to the truth?

If I were a mouse
Hiding underneath
Your bed at night,
What would I smell?

Would I smell a rat –
A traitor, turncoat,
One who continually betrays
Another’s trust?

If I were God
I would see everything,
Hear everything,
Smell everything.

So, don’t be fooled!
Those who hate the light,
And who embrace the darkness,
Stand condemned already.

2 thoughts on “If I Were

    1. That is John 3. People loving darkness rather than the light, and so they refuse to come into the light lest their evil deeds be exposed. The truth of where that ends is bitter, indeed, but so very sad.

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