Where Are You Tonight?

An Original Work / September 6, 2019

Where are you tonight?
Please describe your plight.
Are you giving in?
Drowning in your sin?

Do you see the truth?
Like a rotten tooth?
There’s nowhere to go
To hide what you know.

Cover what you may.
Darkness now will stay.
Knowing the way out
Does not move the doubt.

Look into the heart.
That is where you part
From what is the truth,
Doing what’s uncouth.

Darkness there prevails.
Flesh will always fail.
Heart not giv’n to God.
You are such a fraud!

Profess what you may,
Nothing seems to sway
You to follow Christ.
You are giv’n to flight.

Circle you around,
You are such a clown.
Everything’s a game,
So you stay the same.

Until you repent
And obey your Lord,
You’ll keep giving in,
Deep within your sin.


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