Give it A Rest

An Original Work / September 22, 2018

When we don’t understand,
Trust His plan.
When life doesn’t make sense,
Trust His ways.

When things often confuse,
Trust His care.
When the answers don’t come,
Trust His grace.

When the myst’ries are there,
Say a prayer.
When bewilderment nods,

When complexities scheme,
Know He’s there.
When we can’t trust in man,
Rest in God.

For, we may never know
What’s in store,
Or how God’s working right
To the core.

For, we can’t always see
What’s ahead,
Or how God’s working things
Out, instead.

So, when life’s complications
Get bad,
And, we fear that we now
Have been had,

Trust in Jesus to work
For our best,
And, give anx-i-e-ty
A good rest.

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