For the Gospel’s Progress

I feel this post today needs to go to both of my WordPress blogs, so I am reblogging this from “Run With It” to “Walking Wounded.”

Run With It

This morning, the Lord Jesus reminded me of a writing he gave me in January of this year, so I went back and read it (1). It is called “Resting in Him,” and it is written mostly from personal experience, although it is also written from the knowledge of what others have shared with me about their experiences, too.

I truly sensed that this writing went perfectly with where I read for my devotional time with God this morning, which was in Philippians, chapter one. And, then I sensed that the Lord wanted me to paraphrase Philippians, chapter one, and to make it personal to my own life, so that is what I am going to do this afternoon, for this is where I am being led of the Lord.

Based off Philippians, chapter one

To my brothers and sisters by faith in Jesus Christ,

I thank the Lord for…

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