Are You Wounded?

An Original Work / June 20, 2018

Are you wounded,
Tattered and torn?
You’re forgotten,
Grieved and forlorn?

Needing answers?
Troubles in mind?
Hope’s allusions
Hardly to find?

Truth escaping?
Liars abound?
Men betraying?
Honor not found?

Hope’s not empty.
Honesty here.
There’s an answer,
Which is quite clear.

Jesus loves you.
This I do know.
For the Bible
Surely tells so.

He’s our Savior,
Life without end,
Cleansing us from
All of our sin.

When you trust Him
Now with your life,
Let your fears go.
Give not to strife.

Let Him have
Control of your will.
Within your heart
Jesus will fill.

Peace now filling,
Worries let go.
Surely do know.

Savior loyal.
He will not lie.
For our sins He
Surely did die.

Comforts you with
All of His love.
Joy He gives you
From up above.

He gives purpose.
He has a plan
For Your life to
Live to His end.

He will never
Leave, forsake you.
His commitment –
Always be true.

On His love you
Now can depend;
Life eternal
With Him. Amen!

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