They Call Them Old

They call them old.
They call them sheltered.
They say they’re bold.
They say they’re fettered.

They say they’re crazy,
That they’re insane.
But they’re not lazy,
The truth explain.

For that’s opinion,
But not in truth.
They’ve no dominion,
They are uncouth.

They make their judgments,
The truth not matters.
But they’re redundant,
They’re empty chatter.

For they’re not following
The Word of Truth,
But they are swallowing
A rotten food.

God’s humble servants
They now ignore.
They follow merchants
And want for more.

They’re lazy people
Who want THEIR way,
For they are sheeple,
They’re easily swayed.

So don’t surrender
To their opinions.
Our Lord, defender,
He has dominion.

An Original Work / May 24, 2023

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