Not According to Expectations

At the top of her lungs
She cried out in exasperation.
Nothing was working out
According to her expectations.

Life was not giving her
What she thought life was all about.
Life was giving to her
What she had hoped that it would not.

So her expectations,
She learned, were not to be realized.
And all that she hoped for
Was now only to be fantasized.

Her thinking about life,
It seemed, was so unrealistic.
Her thinking must now change,
So that she does not go ballistic.

A change of mind she needs
Away from that on which she now feeds.
Belief in Jesus Christ
Will yield a life which to Christ now heeds.

For by true faith in Christ
She can die to that life of confusion.
So a new life in Christ
Will bring that old life to its conclusion.

Now this new life in Christ
May change not all her circumstances
But her trust now in Christ
Gives peace now in Christ which advances.

An Original Work / April 20, 2023

3 thoughts on “Not According to Expectations

  1. Sue, it is so true that life does not meet our expectations. But when we die to ourselves daily, and live for Christ, we have life more abundantly. We get the fruit of Holy Spirit, as we live for Him. Blessings! Hazel

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    1. Absolutely, Hazel! That is the message in the poem. We must die to our old lives so that we can be reborn of the Spirit of God and live new lives in Christ Jesus, not only free from slavery to sin, and not only in walks of holiness and in righteousness, but free from anxiety and fear. Now that we are in Christ the peace of Christ dwells within us and so we can be at peace when we yield control of our lives over to our Lord and walk in his peace and calm reassurance. So, thank you so much for reading and for commenting. I always enjoy hearing from you. And what you said here is so true. God bless you, Hazel. And I will never forget how, when I first began blogging on here, and I was getting hardly any responses, that you liked every time I posted, and so every day I would say, “Thank you, Lord, for pure glory.” You truly ministered to my heart at that time and so that makes you special!!

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