A Friend is a Friend until

A friend is a friend until he isn’t,
Until he cuts into your heart an incision,
Until he murders you in mind, and in his soul,
Until he leaves you brokenhearted, and not whole.

A friend may be shallow and dismissive,
Whose hidden desires come to the surface,
For he can’t hold them back now and forever,
For they’re hot in his heart just like a fever.

This friend is of flesh, not of the Spirit,
So eternity with God he’ll not inherit,
For his faith that he professes has no merit,
For the truth that’s of the gospel, he’ll not hear it.

So this friend is no friend, although he says it,
For friendship in his heart, does not possess it,
It is all for a mirage, just for the pictures,
This friendship, not of God, not of the Scriptures.

An Original Work / March 29, 2023

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