Time Will Tell

Time will tell if you be true,
If words you speak are genuine.
Time will tell if thoughts you think
Are pure in heart and disciplined.

Time will tell if you profess
What is the truth, and sins confess,
Or if you lie and cover up
The lusts of flesh o’er you obsess.

Time will tell if plans you make
Are of the flesh or they of God.
Time will tell if you’re sincere
Or if indeed you are a fraud.

Time will tell if you perform
So others think that you are good,
Or if you truly worship God
And on the truth you really stood.

Time will tell what is the truth,
If you be true or so uncouth.
Time will tell so many things
If you be real or be a sleuth.

So all in time things be revealed,
Things that are hidden and concealed.
They will be known, they will be shown
For what they are, no longer sealed.

An Original Work / November 27, 2022

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